Apr 7

Take Good Care Of Your Tie

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Tie is the important symbol for man and tie always uses in some formal or large performances. What’s more, now, ties become the essential part of the white collar clans. If your tie is dirty or seems to be old, you will feel embarrassed when you are attending an important meeting or going to work.
How to take good care of your tie? Here are some advices for your recommendation.
First, do not fold your tie and then put it on the hanger. You should keep your tie flat and straight, in addition, you should iron your tie before put it back to the wardrobe so that it can be sterilized.
Second, keep your tie in a dry place, do not put the tie with the camphor balls, you had better choose camphor blocks for substitution.
Third, avoiding to be exposed under the sun for a long time, or your tie will become yellowed so that it will have a bad impact on the appearance.
Moreover, do not fold the tie. If you fold the tie, it will have a bad impact not only on the aesthetic feeling, but also on your personal characteristic. If the ruffle is on the tie, do not worry, please tighten the tie on the wine bottle for one day, after that, it will become smooth and straight again.
What’s more, in order to keep the color and luster of your tie, it cannot be washed. If you want to clean it, you can spray some water on the tie and iron it with the lapping cloth. While you are ironing, you must manage the speed and the temperature in a quite carefully way, otherwise, your tie will be out of shape.
Having a smart tie makes you prominent among the people. Attentive to details make you perfect and outstanding.
I hope the tips above can help you to take good care of your ties.

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