Feb 20

Short-hair Girls Can Be Cute

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Three different situations would appear because of different height.first of all,girls taller than 170cm  with short hair are boyish, they are of options among which being in flat feminine shoes is the best choice for it is not only comfortable,but also elegant,wearing sneakers is supeior to flat-heals as their advantagous height and they would look sporty and full of vigor. furthermore,as far as i am concerned,long boots are special design for tall girl because of their long legs.
Second,those who are between165cm and 170cm are suitable for middle-heals which enable them to look both a bit taller, and nice.if they want to choose boots,middle-heal is good.sporty shoes can also perfectly suit for them,which shows another faces of them.
When come to short-hair girls with height of under 165cm,they are best in high-heals which would change them from  a mini girl  of childishness into an elegant lady.on the other hand, high-heal boots are special and fashionable for them.
Some short hair girls maybe in great interest in simple shoes that are free of  any decorations.with suitable clothes,they show clean and simple appearance.personally,i like simpleness, i especially like a clear and simple look which give others a sense of ease and relaxed,comfortable and lovely.
all in all, different girls are suitable for different shoes,and what the best chioce is depend on their appearances and looks.therefore,everyone can be fantastic if they choose what  really fit them,both young and old ladies keep eyes on fashion nowsdays and they are different in taste and they are special all the time,that is the reason why they look younger than their age. as a result,all the girls in modern society should be responsible for themself,their images and appearance can directly show what kinds of girls they are.

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