Apr 17

New G560 Series Computer of Lenovo

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Lenovo has done well in the manufacture of computers and it can provide new series in every season to the public. So, there are many different styles or series computers. Recently, Lenovo has promoted G560 that is Lenovo’s G series and has been improved in a higher system.

G560 has black chassis and lid is made by glossy plastic. Although it is plastic construction, it has a very solid feature. If you but it, you have to clean it often, because it attracts dust and fingerprints can be easily printed on it. It opposes a 15.6 inches LED display and resolution can reach to 1366×768. And colors are balance and sharp, the side to side angles are average.

With regard to the built-in, G560 is mastered by i3-330M processor with 2.13 GHz Intel Core, and internal storage is 4GB. Besides, it is set Intel GMA HD graphics and 320GB hard drive. With these strong fittings, it can store and process many tasks easily. Batteries are 6 cell Li battery so that their life is longer than many hit notebooks computers. It is reported that the batteries can store over three hour’s electricity so that there are over more two hours than other notebook computers, certainly, firstly you should ensure it is in enough electricity volume. And Lenovo has improved its energy system that is Lenovo Energy Management that supports long time standby time, but also it can reduce noise to a minimum degree so that you can do your work without much interference from it.

G560 has compatible incorporations to make you an easy and convenient machine. These incorporate technologies have smart and one key rescue system that includes one key anti-virus, one key recovery and system repair. All these will make your work more safe and easily.


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