Mar 3

My Dream Watch—-Montblance Watch

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Every one has a lot of dreams, as beatiful hourse, well-paid job and so on. One of my dreams owns a Montblance watch. Why Montblanc watch become my dream watch?

Firstly, for now, we can get the precise time from many ways, such as mobile phone or computer. But I consistently thinks the watch is necessary to a people that have good taste. as a woman, every one has a natural ability that wants to owning every beatiful things. Montblanc watches not only belong to one of the classical brands about watch’s products, but also Montblanc women’s watches are very gorgeous and like a honorable lady as a fashion paragon.

In addition to this, Montblance watch has the high quality. The Montblance watch are precise and clinking, running 122 years only appears day error. And as the same time, Mantblance watches have good water resistant. I still remember that I got common watch early on my 18th birthday. This is my first watch, I very loved and cherished it. But it was bothered me becouse that I must got away form my wrist when I washed my face every times.

Secondly, for now I am as a china common people, I have not enough courage to owns a Montblance watch, because this will need me to give over my all money for a few years. Althought The price of Montblance watches is low price brand that relative to the price of some famous watches, such as Rolex. But this low price also is huge number. So owning Montblance watch likes Montblanc Star Eternal Set just is a my dream.
It is the happies thing that do one’s best for his dreams. Althought at this monent I can not own my dream watch—–Montblance women’s watch. But I will work hard for mading my dream come true.

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