Jan 27

How to Get a Valuable Watch

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There are many complainments about  bad-quality watches in our midst.And a majority of people only think a lot of their enjoyable appearance, neglect their quality assurance. As far as I am concerned, I have purchased at least three watches in a month, because of their bad-quality.

So how to get a valuable watch. Personally, only buy one you want to wear, that way you will never feel like you are stuck with an “investment piece”. Especially for lady’s favourite. In view of this, the following point of idears are my experience.

Firstly, you should buy from a reputable retailer. This will ensure you will decent after-service care, it is the only guarantee that you are not buying a fake. Because some ripoffs are so convincing that only a watchmaker can spot the difference. Secondly, be nice, if you form a rapport with a retailer, the store will look after you over the years, even helping you to upgrate or trate-in watches while reducing the string of depreciation. Thirdly, if you have adequate funds, choose a watch with a strap over one  with a bracelet. Bracelet add considerablely to the cost.

A good watch on a strap is between than a so-so watch on a bracelet at the same price. Fourthly, when buying a vintage watch, ensure that there is a guarantee of at least six months if the watch is being sold as serviced. Finally, when buying a new watch,you should keep all the paperwork and box.

That is all my notions, if you do,not only will you can purchase a fashionable watch, but also get a valuable watch.Therefore, we should purchase fashional and valuable watch, it can get along with ours long time, some time it can bring ours more profits.

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