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How to buy Quartz watches?

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Buying Quartz watches need pay attention to the following points:

First, check whether the mark, name and quality certification are true or complete, whether there are any suspicious circumstances.

Second, check whether the appearance and dial is fine, whether the rear cover is tight, and check whether the watch around the bump, scratch.
Finally, check the watches launching and pushing are sensitive.
In addition, the quality of quartz classification is also the point that we should consider when we buy quartz watches:

Using of high-end quartz watches tungsten carbide, sapphire Mongolia, 18K gold ear for the materials, such as never wear type.
Mid-range of imported quartz watches movement, assembly domestic.
Using of domestic low-grade quartz watches movement from production.

Imported Quartz watches products are mainly from Japan, the watches features are produced by advanced raw materials, the production of appearance is fine, good gloss, low revisionism, accurate time and functioning., while the movement of counterfeit products, mostly plastics, mixing raw materials, , assembly error, inaccurate time, airtightness is not so good, which will easy into water, air and dust.

In my view, using different kinds of raw materials will make different effects, the Quartz watch sets a good example in the parts of choosing materials, and customer also have more chances to choose what they like. The good quality and material will bring more profits to the sellers. this will encourage them to create many good products.

More and more people are looking for high-quality life, from house to necessaries, they want the market will offer more opportunities for them to choose what they wanted, and the products should meet their requirements, so it also gives a big challenge to the market, they should create constantly, and break the old rules constantly. The market will develop in a good condition.

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