Jul 2

2011 Spring and Summer Sunglasses Fashion Trends – Part One

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In the hot summer, one of the popular fashion accessories is the sunglasses. People wear the sunglasses not only to protect their eyes from the strong ultraviolet rays, but also to add the fashionable sense to their looks. It is known to all that we have to know the fashion clothing trends in order to dress fashionably. The same theory goes to sunglasses. In order to wear the sunglasses in a fashionable way, it is important for us to know about the sunglasses fashion trends in this 2011 spring and summer.

2011 Spring and Summer Sunglasses Fashion Trend One – Sunglasses with Decorative Patterns

Chanel sunglasses

Ferragamo sunglasses

Loewe sunglasses

Loewe sunglasses

Beginning from last year, designers of various fashion sunglasses brands are enthusiastic in adding decorative patterns to the sunglasses. The trend becomes more popular this 2011 spring and summer. Different famous brands are adding their own classic patterns or the trendy patterns on the sunglasses. For example, we could see the minimalist Baroque patterns on the Prada sunglasses, the butterfly patterns on the Loewe sunglasses, the garden scene on the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, the scarves prints on the Ferragamo sunglasses and the marked tweed patterns on the Chanel sunglasses etc. With those popular and classic patterns, the sunglasses are definitely an outstanding fashion acc

essory for one’s fashion look.

2011 Spring and Summer Sunglasses Fashion Trend Two – Sunglasses in clear materials

Marni sunglasses

Marni sunglasses

Escada sunglasses matt metal transparent resins

Escada sunglasses

The transparent frame design is also one of the popular sunglasses design this year. In 2011 spring and summer, the “clear” fashion trend is more vivid with the comparison effect, like the gradual changing of different colors and the combination of different materials etc. For example, Escada sunglasses have showcased the clear elegance of geometrical frame by combining the matt metal and transparent resin; John Galliano sunglasses are sparkling by showing irregularly-layered transparent resins in the frame; and Tom Ford sunglasses are displaying a kind of sweetness by combining the gradual-hued frames with the gradual changing lens. With such exquisite details, the sunglasses are sure to stand out your uniqueness.

Above are the two fashion sunglasses trends. Next time, I’ll introduce more to you. Stay tuned.

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May 12

Picking Up The Right Sunglasses For Yourself

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As one of the fashion accessories in people’s wardrobe, sunglasses are quite essential in the modern today and especially for the celebrities. You must have learnt that most actors and actresses always wear a pair of sunglasses when they are been shooting in some public activities. Naturally, sunglasses are not only used for protecting eyes from the strong sunlight, they are also the wonderful options to brighten up. 

There are different styles of sunglasses offering in the market from small dainty glasses to large wide ones and from the dark shades to the light color of the lens. Different face types match different glasses frames. Different skin tones go well with different colors of the lens and frames. And do you make the right choice for yourself?

If you have a round face, sunglasses with the angular frame will look better on you because they can have a gentle visual effect, while if you have a square face, round or oval frames are fitted to you. Most of the time, you should also make your shape of nose into consideration. People are always seeing your nose first when you are wearing a pair of sunglasses. If you have a short and plat nose, you should wear the pieces which tends to the forehead, while if your nose is big and long, sunglasses tended towards the nose are the wonderful choice.

Choose the color of the sunglasses is also important. Bright and white people will look even pure with the sunglasses of the black frame. Light colors items can always bring the gentle effect of the matching between the face, hair, and the sunglasses. Avoid the yellow ones; they will only make the skin looked yellower and darker. Choose the pink, coffee-red, silver color or white color as possible as you can.
Also picking up the sunglasses, you should also depend on the size of your jaw. If you can pay much attention on the picking process and choose according your personal characteristic and try the glasses on to have a look at the wearing effect, you can always gain the wonderful items that fit to you. At that time, such sunglasses will undoubtedly be your ideal fashion accessory.

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Mar 17

The fashion trend The style of CHLOE glasses

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CHLOE founded in the twentieth century,the fifties,the senior’s clothing,handbags,footwear,perfume,sunglasses and so on.CHLOE has maintained a French-style features and elegant tone colors, simple and beautiful and it can be known through strong. CHLOE sunglasses tide and the stars has always been much loved. French romantic and relaxing,refined free in CHLOE sunglasses to get a perfect interpretation,it has become synonymous with fashion and avant-garde. CHLOE sunglasses, flexible style, romantic and elegant, lively, sexy, retro nostalgia, a great variety of style makes it attracted the eyes of the influx of people from all kinds, fashion,sports,cute, avant-garde look up to people all gathered here. 

Romantic and elegant.  Launched in 2009,CHLOE Tamaris spring and summer in the elegant metal frame sunglasses frame covered with fine shades of teardrop-shaped gradient lenses, while taking advantage of CHLOE indispensable metal rivets embedded in the leather gracefully mirror,the overall texture of not only modern and romantic.

Sexy and lively.The overall effect of the 2010 New CHLOE simple clear, bright, lively and a trace of sexy, great highlights the forehead and cheekbones, delicate texture,coupled with chiffon dresses, make lively and sexy women are most vividly displayed. Retro and nostalgia. In recent years, the vintage trend agin!CHLOE retro fashion glasses frame with bright white, every detail reflects a careful analysis and careful consideration, crystal bright,retro reveals a stylish,simple and not monotonous,with the retro suits,no doubt will be the streets of a beautiful landscape.

Color changing.CHLOE new series this year,from the ingenious to the classic,timeless style and other forms, show the diversity design. Whether it is gray,purple,ivory,classic pink,marine blue,or chocolate,the latest season of all and shapes are inseparable,no wonder it always attracts the attention of countless people.


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