Jul 10

The Clever Use of Square Scarves

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In the world of fashion accessories, there are a number of items which can serve us. When it comes to unisex chic accessories, I would think of articles like hand watches, scarves, bags and so on. Here let’s talk about the scarves. I have found that large amounts of people love scarves crazily. Scarves are one kind of the most practical accessories most of us may need. They can be very cheap yet they can embellish us wonderfully. Scarves have a wide range of variants in the modern market. There are wide, skinny, long and also short ones. According to your personal preference, you can make your own decision.

In fact, in addition to the function of accessorizing wearers, scarves can also serve us in many sides. Take the square scarf as an example. You must feel stunned at finding that it has so many advantages.

First, square shawls can serve disparate purposes according to their different sizes. A small square scarf with gorgeous patterns can be worn by you as a good neck wear. You can add it to your shirt and make a cow boy look. Such a match would make you relatively chic and cool. Alternatively, a small shawl can be tied around you wide-brimmed hat and add more colors to you plain hat.

A more innovative way to make good use of your square shawl is to tie it somewhere of your handbag. In this summer, your handbag would be very chic to look.

Moreover, you can take advantage of wide square shawls and devise more novel looks for you.