Jun 11

Rolex Daytona Replica- A Brilliant Collection by Rolex

Being one of the leading watch brands, Rolex presents to us a fantastic variety of exclusive watch collections. Rolex daytona replica is one of the best replica Rolex collections that attract the attention of anyone.

The history of these classic watches began during the year 1961 when the brand started producing the famous Rolex Cosmograph watches. During that time, the brand was one of the main sponsors of the 24 Hours of Daytona race. To honor of this eminent race, Rolex named its new line of chronograph watch the Daytona series.

The modern Rolex Daytona watches which were issued after the year 1988 appeared a little different from the former models. This was a larger Daytona with self-winding movement as well as a modified version of Zenith’s El Primero caliber. In the 2000 the Zenith movement was substituted with a 3-register chronograph movement of the Rolex design.

Rolex Daytona replica watches are of superior quality chronographs which are highly valued by the most demanding watch enthusiasts. They are highly expensive models which come in limited editions. This is the reason why this replica Rolex model is considered to be a highly rare watch to own. In fact, they are rarest of all replica Rolex watches featuring the so-called Paul Newman dial which is considered to be an “exotic” dial. The Paul Newman dials feature exclusive sub-dials which are of the opposing color of the main dial. These sub-dials consist of block markers rather than lines as well as other interesting peculiarities.

Rolex Daytona watches are really expensive, but this does not mean that the dream to own a Rolex Daytona watch is impossible to fulfill, do you agree? With Rolex Daytona replica watches, my dream came true easily. Unlike their original versions, these replica Rolex watches are not at all expensive, and at the same time, are of really high quality.


May 19

Replica Rolex Watches Of the Officers Range

It is fun to shop amongst there replica rolex watches and hunt for some rare specimens which one does not see these days. Nowadays all the watches of Rolex are based on the stainless steel models and have luminous hour hands and index markers. However, if you want to experiment with other models of Rolex which are seldom seen, you can find some rare vintage watches of Rolex. There are many replica Rolex manufacturers who are into finding and reinventing the vintage watches of Rolex which many have not seen or witnessed by many. Such stores will provide you with some rare specimens from which you can then take your pick.

For instance, there is a Officers watch model which collection is not seen any more amongst the present collection of Rolex watches. Such a watch features the dial in enamel and is white in color, the watch has large index markers in stylized numerals and the hour hands are typical of the old grand father clocks. This Officers watch features the mechanical movement and is equipped with a worn black leather strap. Such a vintage watch still features a chronograph function which shows the legacy of high end technology which Rolex has invested in through the ages.

There is a similar but a more rare specimen in silver. A silver Officers watch is geared with the mechanical movement, the stylized index markers and hour hands as the others but this watch has an additional cover on top which is made of silver. The case of the watch also comes in silver. For those who buy such a rare watch amongst Rolex replica watches will however need to ensure that they take proper care of the watches so that the silver does not get tarnished in my latest blog post. The reputed manufacturers usually provide a guarantee of two years with such watches.