May 29

Tips On Choosing The Suitable MP4

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With the development of the whole society, an MP4 plays an important role in our daily life. More and more people like to pick such a product for entertainment. So, it is really charming and advanced in today’s fast developed society. How to choose a suitable one? Do you know? I have some tips for you here.
Firstly, choose the color you like. Whether it looks good or not would effect on you at the first sight. If you are an active person, choose the one with the light color can be better. As we know, the color is the best expression of the appearance of the goods. Different colors also bring you different moods.
Secondly, consider the quality, including the feeling of sound, the clear degree of the screen, and the press-button.In the way we make sure all of these are good, we would form a great confidence on it while using. A high quality MP4 can be used for several years without repairing.
How large the Mp4 it is means how much can be put into it: songs, movies, pictures or the documents etc. In some aspects, the Mp4 can be used as a data traveler. Therefore, it is important for you to consider how “large” it is.
The last point is considered by me as the most important one. That is the function of the MP4. Now almost all them have the functions of playing films, music etc. Some of them even have cameras. And most of them can be used by people for listening to radio. If you like something functional and practical, you have to choose the one with more functions.
As we know, an MP4 is very important to some people as they love music. To choose a suitable one is important to them if they want to enjoy music wherever they are. And it is not difficult for you to pick a suitable one as long as you search carefully. If you keep your eyes open while doing purchasing. I sure you can find the best one for yourself.

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Apr 2

Christmas gives special gifts for friends and relatives

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Christmas gives special gifts for friends and relatives Christmas is coming and in the happy warmth of the festival, many people will give his relatives and friends with a gift. While the electronic product is Christmas gifts very good choice, so how do according to different people choose different electronic products?

Digital products are our household stuff, so, in this grand festival is approaching, I suggest sending relatives and friends of the people, in here to buy a digital camera sent you wanting to send people! Our camera affirmation is cheap and fine!Christmas is the festival every year, we all need some good to spend, presents besides unavoidably!

A digital camera, is contemporary electronic products comparatively excellent things, given below you recommend a few to digital camera:DC-K20N High-definition Digital Camera: These machines at fair price, just 51.99 dollars and powerful function,
Specifications: Display: 2.7″ LTPS LCD
Image sensor: 5.0 MP CMOS (MAX.12MP)
Resolution: 4000*3000, 3264*2448, 2592*1944, 2048*1536, 640*480
Lens: FF
Shutter speed: 1/2-1/2, 000 sec
ISO: auto
Zoom: 8X digital zoom
External memory: SD/ MMC ( 8 MB-8GB )
Exposure control: ±2.0EV
Self timer: 10 sec/ 5 sec/ 2 sec
PC interface: USB 2.0
White balance: auto, sunshine, cloudy, fluorescent, tungsten
Format: JPEG/ AVI
Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese
Battery: 3.7V lithium battery.
Below, is still one price higher machine, as follows: 15 MEGA PIXELS DIGITAL CAMERA DC-810:
This machine is the price of 85.99 dollars
Digital Video resolution: 320×240 pixels, 640×480 pixels
15 mega pixels camera with choice of 6 digital cameras
Resolutions: 15M/ 8M/ 5M/ 3M/ 2M/ VGA
2.4″ color TFT LCD
4× digital zoom
SD memory card slot accepts SD compatible memory card up to 4GB
Built-in flash
Potages Express software for managing and enhancing your photos, printing, sending photos by e-mails and much more
Package contents:
Digital camera
Potages Express software installation CD
USB cable
User’s manual
Lithium battery

The camera is used for recording exciting moment things, to please contacts, also can be friends can make your own!
Above the machines is a good choice for you, in this warm Christmas, with a use conveniently, watching the take-me-home camera, record every exciting moment, how happy thing! Wish you a happy Christmas!

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