Apr 23

Nature – the Best Designer in the Fashion Trends of the World

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The nature is changing all the time with the transformation of the four seasons. In addition, there are various colors and unpredictable sceneries in the four seasons of the year. It is just like the saying of the founder of Tiffany, Charles Louis: “Nature is my best designer”. In addition to this, quite a lot of great designers of famous brands look upon nature as their everlasting inspiration.  We can see many accessories which are combined with the animals or flowers, and even the trees. In a matter of fact, owning to the direction of nature to a large extend, we can have the opportunity to see the most beautiful and exquisite works of the designers.


Phoenixes are a kind of propitious birds in China, and they are favored by Chines people for a long time. The  parents of Chinese girls wish their daughters could become phoenixes when they grow up. Of cource that is only a kind of figure of speech. They just hope their girls can have a better future.  This implies the phoenix are liked by the people for their beauty and clever. This pair of brooches are made into the phoenix shaped, the designer maybe express his good wish in this design.


Can you imagine when a dragonfly stay on your hair as your headwear? As for me, I will feel like standing among the flowers in clusters. Whenever you see the small spirit, you can be a little relaxed even though that is just an idea!


We may have seen various kinds of accessories originated from butterflies, such as bowknot ribbons on your dress, the bowknot shaped accessories applied on your hanbags and the like. This time, you can wear the real butterfly as a brooch on your  clothes. That’s so amazing.



Flowers can be the most used ornaments in our daily life, especially for ladies. Flowers can bring you good state of mind in most of the time. As the spring is coming, don’t hesitate and wear your flower shaped accessories.


When we are talking about nature, how could we ignore the angels in the sea? In the summer days, we can see many kinds of accessories made of the seashells. They can remind us of the vast sea, the romantic sandy beach, or the high coconut trees on the beach.

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