Jun 23

The Suitcase of LV

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As the living standards improved, more and more people begin to pay much attention to how to improve their spiritual life. And more and more people do not want to just stay at home for a holiday. They want to go out to broaden their eyes and to feel different kinds of life and culture. Travelling become their first choose. Actually, Travelling do bring us a lot of benefits and fun.

However, the best vacation can be less than perfect without the best travel gear. Shopping for luggage isn’t exactly fun, but the best quality luggage for any trip is important. Luxury travel designer luggage, often made of leather, should be hardy enough to stand up to the bumps and scrapes of a trip, yet also attractive enough to make its owner proud. Frequent travelers all have a trial-and-error period with luggage before finding the best luxury luggage for their travel needs. In this occasion, the suitcase of LV is your best choice.

From the purest tradition of travel, the famous Alzer suitcase is one of the Louis Vuitton emblems. Spacious and incomparably sturdy, it continues to impress connoisseurs from all around the world.It is made of the classic Monogram canvas, canvas lining with the rounded leather handles. The interior part of the box is also made of precious Louis Vuitton canvas. This bag is also attached with support handles and removable interior tray and protective cover for convenience. The Louis Vuitton “S” lock with key, reinforced with two complementary trunk latches and leather trim reinforced with rivets could bring you a kind of uncommon noble temperament in your trip.

If you need a small clutch for your little accessories in the trip, the Mini series are your ideal choice. The Mini accessories pouch in Monogram Idylle canvas is a charming reinterpretation of Louis Vuitton’s iconic pattern. It looks just as chic worn on the wrist as it does clip to another bag. The Speedy Voyage 45 is made of exquisitely soft Monogram Idylle canvas enriched with fresh, romantic colors. The spacious interior and leather shoulder strap make it delightfully practical.

This kind of suitcase is very helpful to these long distance travellers, for example, travelling abroad. Everyone wants to buy local products or other famous production from a new place to their friends or families. But you hate carrying heavy bags or other things. At the same time, you want to share your happy products with others. Then it is time for you not to hesitate to buy this kind of suitcase. It is not only large, but also has wheels. You can put things as much as you can in it and need not to worry about its weight. The road and transports help you move it to your families and friends.

If you are not tall enough and your arms are short, backpack is your first and best choice if you want to travel. It is not like suitcase which you have to try your best to move when you meet bumpy roads or stairs. And it only take up your shoulder, your hands are free to do mann other things.






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