Mar 24

Mobile phones for dad’s Christmas gifts

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There is a Chinese saying that father’s love is as great as a mountain. Christmas is coming, we should buy our fathers some presents to thank their love. Mobile phone is a good choice.
Nokia C5
Nokia C5 is a smartphone with optimized sharing function and contains a series of mobile services, etc. More importantly, the price of this phone is quite affordable, if you haven’t decided to buy which type, then C5 absolutely can be you first selection. As the first C series in Nokia mobile phones, Nokia C5 still adopts bar modelling. This phone is equipped with 2. 2 inch screen and the resolution reaches the QVGA level. The phone uses the 3rd edition operation platform of Symbian S60, meanwhile, supporting GPS, FM radio. It has 50 MB memory and can expand MicroSD memory cards. Nokia C5 is built in a camera with 3. 2 million pixel.
Samsung S8500
As the first Bada platform type, the body of S8500 is a whole aluminum one with a quiet strong sense of texture. In addition, the ultra-thin body and the striking details make a wonderful visual effect. Samsung S8500 uses Bada system, like Android. Bada also belongs to Linux platform, which is good for it to develop and expand. Equipped with 1GHz processor, S8500 runs fast in the whole operation. There is a big focus of Samsung S8500-the screen equipment, only gorgeous can describe its 3. 3 inch Super AMOLED capacitance screen with a resolution of 480*800. In the display effect, no other first-come screens can come up to it currently. What’s more, S8500 adds the latest TouchWiz 3. 0 interface, which matches the Bada platform so much
MOTOROLA A1890 adopts its consistent design style-transparent clamshell. The thickness of body is 24. 95 mm and the resolution of the 2. 4-inch TFT screen is 240*320 pixel, which reveal business temperament. Equipped with 300 million pixel cameras, it meets general filming demand. A1890 also supports the telecom network and EVDO e surfing music services. The subsided design avoids abrasion, the bottom is bar speaker. If your dad is a businessman, then hurry up to buy this MOTOROLA A1890 (C) for your dad.
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