Jun 19

Just Have Fun with Imaginative Cell Phone Apps

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01 238x300 Just Have Fun with Imaginative Cell Phone Apps

Have you ever think of buying sweet watermelon through cell phone? Have you ever think about drive mosquitoes or even growing flowers on the phone? Nowadays, with the popularity of iPhone, the ordinary phone’s mediocre has been changed instead of brought the richness to our life. The Imaginative App developers recently launched a number of free application software for summer — these apps offers you lost of fun.  Let’s go ahead to find what they are.

Weather Forecast:

WeatherBug is a weather forecasting software, in which has a dangerous weather’s warning. When you’re on a street outside, you just need to enter the area code, and then it will be able to examine the bad weather warnings and forecasts for you.

Buy Watermelons:

There’s software called iWatermelonDeluxe, its role is to help you pick watermelons by iPhone. You need to open the software after installation. You can first select the watermelon’s size according to large, medium and small size, after that, you can select the color appearance of watermelon. Then you can put your phone near watermelon and tap three times, let the phone distinguish whether the watermelon is good or bad through the voice.

Drive Mosquitoes:

MosquitoRepellent is software that can help you drive the mosquitoes away with 5 kinds of built-in different mosquito frequencies, which can imitate male mosquito’s voice, and then drive the female mosquitoes away.

Grow Flowers:

FlowerGarden is fresh flower-growing software, which can help you reduce the irritation in such hot summer. While it is installed, it can allow you sowing seeds, watering, even shoveling, and watching the flowers grow day by day until full bloom. When it’s time to watering, the phone will remind you. Even you exit the game, the flowers will still grow. The most amazing thing is that when turning up the soil, the soil will become dry as well as the color fades gradually with high emulation.

Technology can change our life, I believe that cell phone can help us do lots of things in the near future. Just as the ad. goes, “Everything is possible”. Enjoy your life from now on!

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