Dec 22

Watch – an Indispensable Part of Life

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It is widely acknowledged that time is so limited that we should make a reasonable schedule to utilize our time valuably.

It is extremely definite that sometimes time is so fixed that we should arrive at school on time, reach our office on schedule, be punctual for appointments and so on.

It is certainly admitted that time is so precious that we should cherish it and complete our tasks within the allocated time.

Knowing how time can have such deep impacts on our life, we can understand why watch is paramount naturally. Without watch, we can not know time exactly. Without watch, we can not arrange time well. Without watch, we will have no concept of time. Without watch, our life will fall into chaos. Without watch, we can not imagine what the world will be like.

For instance, when we are taking an exam, tensional and highly focused, we are racing against time. What will happen if we do not have a watch beside us to tell us whether we will win or lose? If we do not know our competitor well, how can we have opportunities to win? We will feel at ease more with watch for the reason that we can adjust our exam strategy in the light of the time left. As a result, we are more likely to complete our exam within the stipulated time effectively. At the same time, we are the winner in the race against time.

Maybe watch is not the only way to tell us time, but it is the most convenient one. The only simple thing we should do is raising our hand when we want to know what time it is now.

On top of that, purchasing watch can embody our personal taste. In addition, we can make full use of our watch to go with our dress and will not let us seem monotonous in public.

Taking all the above advantages into consideration, we can naturally come to a conclusion that watch is an indispensible part of our life. So why not purchase it?

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