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OMEGA, My Favourite Watch Brand

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As watch today is a kind of luxury for people living in the rush society, a high-quality watch, to some extent, is a reflection of the status of the people who wear it. Physically, the outfit of the watch accounts for the most important part when people are choosing watches, but mentally, the quality of the watches and the popularity among consumers also play important role.

One of the world¡¯s most famous watch manufacturers OMEGA just know what¡¯s in their consumers¡¯ minds. With perfect shape, delicate craft, and the chasing of young people from all over the world roll into one, OMEGA is my most favorite watch.

With a long glorious history which it once severed as a functional watch for Neil Alden Armstrong, the American astronaut who stepped into the moon and a glamorous ¡°now¡± that it was the best for a lot of famous celebrities, such as Michael Schumacher and super model Cindy Crawford, there is no wonder that OMEGA can enjoy the great reputation of one of the world¡¯s most popular watches, especially in America.

However, what makes me heartbeat is the variety of the OMEGA watch. It suits all walks of people in our life. For the young generation, it can be colorful and energetic; for the business men, it can be mature and modest; for white-collars and office ladies, it can be elegant and tasty.

What¡¯s more, the after-sale service of OMEGA is beyond all doubt. I can say that the stuff of the OMEGA is not only eager to make perfect new watches, but they will be more hospitable to make our classic watches much more brand new.

All in all, OMEGA is now leading the world trend as a company of diversification. Its products can be used in the field of military, sports, and governments, etc. So, how can I not love this watch which has so many good qualities?

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