Nov 19

Different Ornaments for Different Occasions

Ornaments are very important for me, because they can create my temperament and show my personality. Ornaments are very fascinating. And I think that different ornaments suit for different occasions.
When I went to work, I’d love to wear ornaments that are elegant. Workplace is a place that you can’t be so casual. You have to wear something that suits for your occupation. The simple and elegant ornaments are my favorites, which can show that I’m a competent employee. And I don’t want to seem weird at the same time. I won’t wear something that is too shining and I won’t wear high heels that are too high. It’s better to be formal in the formal occasion.
Chanel’s medium classic box bag is my choice for going to work. Its simple design shows ladies’ elegance. The metal buckle adds the bag a little bit energy, which is not so dull.
Hermes Collier de Chine series rose gold bracelet hides its hinges and hasps skillfully, leaving the elegant and pure outline. It’s a low-key bracelet that can show your beauty and taste once in a while.
Because I’m an outgoing girl, I’d like to wear some shining ornaments when going out. Going out is a great time to show your personality. You can wear what you want without worries. I think that shining ornaments can catch people’s eyes so that I can stand out from the crowd. Fashion and my own style are the two considerations before I choose my ornaments.
Crystalp Sissi Star series ring is very shining. It’s a high-quality imitation of the Sissi star in the Queen Elizabeth. It definitely can appeal all people’s attention, when you wear it to going out.
Nappa calf and sea snake skin high heels are inspirited by ancient Muse. The soft Nappa calf and sea snake skin pass extraordinary appeal in light gray color. The high heels have cross laces and they are very light.
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